"Chaos is not the opposite of rhythm but the milieu of all milieus"
Deleuze & Guattari

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Love writing little updates on what's happening and what to buy for the FT's How To Spend It magazine. 

This latest about Paul Kasmin's show of Max Ernst's sculptures is my favourite yet, probably because it had me looking at photos of Ernst with Peggy Guggenheim and imagining the Left Bank in the 1920s: howtospendit.ft.com/art/maxernst.

Max Ernst's studio at Huismes, 1961.
Image courtesy Jurgen Pech/Werner Spies Archives.

Max Ernst, Arizona, 1952, playing with pieces he designed for 
Julien Levy's 1944 NYC exhibition 'The Imagery of Chess'. 
Photo: Bob Towers, licensed by Benjamin J.Chapnick.