"Chaos is not the opposite of rhythm but the milieu of all milieus"
Deleuze & Guattari

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Since being kicked out of the right royal UK for being an illegal immigrant (she can't get back in thanks to the coalition's protectionist attitude to international talent) the Australian-born, Croatian-bred Ann Delic has left making lingerie behind to craft costumes and sets for Berlin's creative classes.

Having shed the affectionate moniker Underwear Ann, her first job in the German capital was making sets for the Volksb
ühne show Frankenstein's Little Red Riding Hood (set inspiration The Cabinet of Dr Caligari versus an American trailer park) and then for the play Worth#1 at the Ballhaus Ost theatre.

Her latest project has her working with the daddy of glitch techno Markus Popp, AKA Oval, on the video costumes for the new release from his first album in years.
The recent release Ah, from the 70-track album called O, is all sound-sculpture plinky plonky and synthy purring, which Darko Dragicevic's flesh-toned video matches in its spooky-pretty style and tightly focused frames - toned being the operative word with a ballerina's formidable leg muscles vying for attention with her erect nipples and slightly bonkers headpiece, along with male dancers in white Y-fronts who leap sporadically into view.

Like some sort of fantastically mangled dove in a blonde bird's nest that's been to Burning Man and come back via a box of pastel-coloured chalks, Ann's one-eyed mask gives the lead character's otherwise minimal outfit its Eighties avian touch. The dancer's mechanical doll-like movements and rotated limbs have something of the Surrealist poupée about them, especially as she's shot to look erotic but also vulnerable and childlike.

Ann says she got the idea for the mask from somewhere that many of us have seen thousands of times... her Mac screen saver, with its spacey images of the Milky Way. "I can't make things that are shapeless, unfeminine or mutant" she explains. "When I first made it, the pinks and greys were much brighter and it has a feather eyelash that you can't see that clearly in the video".